Big winter clearence sale

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SCM and MiniMax are opening their doors for their customers.

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Ever had that feeling before?

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Ever had that feeling before? You’re at a point where you don’t know how you could improve the quality and efficiency of your woodwork shop. Your staff is well organized and professional but still the phone keeps ringing for new contracts for kitchen cabinets and the last thing you want to do is to turn them down. Well your shop is probably at a point where it needs a little update. Although your table saw has been reliable and trouble free for the last 10 years it’s getting old and wears out a little. Its precision is not what it uses to be and it’s always a nightmare to cut large pieces mainly because of the friction caused by the table. Moreover, you still put on the edge using an iron and pre-glued edge rolls which cost a lot, has little color available and slows down the whole production process.


Do the maths using the hours spent working on outdated unproductive machines and you’ll quickly realize you found the root cause for the lack of productivity. Now multiply those numbers by the wages allocated to your employees and you’ll painfully realize that your profit is melting under the sun. The solution may lie in investing in new machines tailored for your shop. It’s time to upgrade to a heavy-duty sliding table saw such as the SC4WS from Tecnomax.



The SC4WS has a good ratio quality-price for small to medium woodwork shop. Its sliding table is offered in five or eight foot version depending on the floor space available (note that total stroke needs to be considered) and the kind of work to perform on it.

Good news, you have solve half of your problem, now you need to speed up the edge banding process well it’s not a problem with the ME-20 automatic edgebander that uses a glue-pot system with regular non-glued edge rolls rather than a hot air blower. The glue pellets are melted at 190° in an aluminum pot heated by an element. The machine is fully automatic from the in feed conveyer to the pneumatic end cutters to fully adjustable trimmers.

me20 test


The ME-20 is a colossal time saver in an environment where edge banding is usually performed manually with Stone Age equipment. Whether you use it only several hours a week or eight hours a day the ME-20 is the best choice without compromising your budget.


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New enhanced shaper on the market!

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New 2008 MiniMax T/45I shaper

Villa Verruchio (Italy) – MiniMax has recently launched a new enhanced shaper in response to the increasing pressure from the north-American market for a versatile, heavy-duty and compact machine that operates mainly on single phase – 220V. This shaper is branded under ‘MiniMax T/45I and T/45F’ because it is available in an inclinable or fixed spindle version. The T/45 shaper is the improved version of the discontinued T40 that has efficiently served do-it-yourselfer and professional woodworkers for many years now. The T/45I is offered in Canada with a standard rock-solid aluminum carriage with a 36 stroke capacity that will give its user the extra stability when performing dovetail, tongue & groove, rail and stile as well as many other type of joints. 

 Even though the machine has an assortment of available shaft diameter ranging from metric to imperial standards, its 1¼” shaft with adjustable rings will accommodate most common variety of shaper cutters on the market.  

The T/45I is another example of MiniMax commitment to small and medium size wood shop that usually have not access to higher voltage to run their shops. Running on lower voltage doesn’t mean users will loose on power and moreover, the machine will still be offered with a choice between single-phase (220V – 4,8HP) and 3 phase (600V- 6,6HP) motor power.